About Us

Terry, age 10

I, Terry SoRelle, am a software developer by trade living in Austin, Texas with my wife Liz Yeats. We are members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) and attend the Friends Meeting of Austin . Liz is a writer, publisher and works with many Quaker organizations.

Liz Yeats

Our two grown sons are Arion SoRelle and Sam Schifman.

Arion lives in Thailand and teaches English to young children. Sam is a software developer and lives in Mansfield,
Massachusetts with his wife Pandora Frazer Schifman and their three children. Our wonderful grand kids Cassandra, Arianna, and Brennon.

Arion SoRelle

I grew up in a musical family and learned to play along with my two brothers Chris and Peter in Dallas, Texas.

Sam Schifman

Pandora Frazer Schifman

Cassie, Ari and Bren