Blackjack Davy

A gypsy boy

This is the oldest song I know. Wait, I already said that about 'Froggy' and 'Farmers Curst Wife'. Well, who knows, but this is known far and wide as Blackjack Davy, Gypsy Davy, Blackjack Daisy, and most creatively in Frank Proffit's version, 'The Gips of David'.

My banjo tuning is from John Cohen's performance and the words are gathered from hither and yon. I even forged some myself.

The picture has little to do with the song, I just cound not resist showing you this rare photo of the young Django Reinhardt playing the banjo.


Blackjack Davy come a ridin’ through the wood
Singing loud and gayly
He sang them birds right off the trees
And he charmed the heart of a lady
Yes, he charmed the heart of a lady

Come go with me my Lady gay
Come go with me my darlin’
I’ll take you were the wild flowers grow
And the night bird sings for mornin’
The night bird sings for mornin’

Won’t you take of those high heel shoes
All made of Spanish leather
Won’t you slip on them cowboy boots
And we’ll ride away together
We’ll ride away together

So she put on her Stetson hat
For any kind of weather
He put on his high top hat
And they rode away together
They both rode away together

It was late at night when her lord come home
Inquirin’ for his lady
The servants said on every hand
She’s gone with the Blackjack Davy
She’s ridin‘ with the Gypsy Boy

Go saddle me by blanco horse
While I put on my derby
I’ll ride all day and ride all night
‘Till I overtake my lady
‘Till I catch that Gypsy boy

Well, he rode east and he rode west
He rode all night and day
He rode ‘til he come to the deep blue sea
And there he spied his lady
In the arms of the Gypsy boy

How could you leave your house and land
How could you leave your baby
How could you leave your husband dear
To go with the blackjack Davy
To go with a Gypsy boy

I’ll say goodbye to house and land
You take care of my baby
Damn right I’ll leave my husband dear
To go with the Blackjack Davy
To ride with the Gypsy boy

Then she took of her lily white gloves
All made of Spanish leather
She took his hand and she kissed his cheek
And she bid farewell forever
They bid farewell forever

Last night I slept in a warm feather bed
Beside my husband and baby
Tonight I’ll sleep on the cold hard ground
Beside my Blackjack Davy
Beside the Gypsy boy