Oh Baby You Done Me Wrong

Here's an unusual song from the irrepressible Uncle Dave Macon. Uncle Dave seems to have invented a genre, old time country calypso. "Oh Baby" seems to be the only example of this style from Uncle Dave or anyone else in country music. I have not been able to find out a thing about this song except that Uncle Dave recorded it some time around 1925 in Nashville. Nobody else has recorded this cautionary tale of a pastor gone astray.

Try as I might, I could not make out the last part of the chorus from Uncle Dave's singing. So I patched in some words of my own. If anyone knows the original please let me know.


Heard of an old preacher just as true as life
But he married a scoldin’ wife
She wouldn’t trust him out of her sight
The parson didn’t think she was treatin’ him right

Oh baby you done me wrong
You went down town and you stayed too long.

Parson went to Florida and the truth to tell
Went to Miami in a big hotel
Went to the beach and the bathin’ was fine
Sued for divorce in an hour’s time

Oh baby you done me wrong . . .

Parson begged just wait a while
I only went for to see the style
She replied I’ll take no excuse
I tell you parson I’ll turn loose.

Oh baby you done me wrong . . .

Parson stood with tears in his eyes
Looked at his wife said I’m surprised
Then she said that need not be
You fancy the beauties more than me.

Oh baby you done me wrong . . .

Now listen here parson I’ve this to say
From the beach you stay away.
Well of all the women I ever knew
I don’t know what to think of you.

Standard C