Pajarillo Barranqueño

The Trio Garnica-Ascencio recorded Pajarillo Barranqueño and other songs for Victor Records in the 1920's. They sounded like little birds. But they did not play the banjo.

Pajarillo Barranqueño is a well known traditional song from Mexico. It has been done plain and fancy; mariachi style, ranchero style, conjunto style, huapango style. The great Tejana singer Lydia Mendoza recorded it. Tish Hinojosa and Joan Baez did a lovely version. But I'll bet nobody has done it on the banjo before.

Native speakers may cringe at my Spanish. Les pido que tengan la bondad de disculpar me.. I'm having so much fun.


Pajarillo, Pajarillo
Pajarillo Barranqueño
Que bonitos ojos tienes
Lástima que tengan dueño

¿Qué pajarillo es aquel
Que canta en aquella lima?
Anda y dile que no cante
Que mi corazón lastima

¿Qué pajarillo es aquél,
que canta en aquella higuera?
anda y dile que no cante,
que espere a que yo me muera.

Toma esta llavita de oro
Abre me pecho, y verás
Lo mucho que yo te quiero
Y el mal pago me das

Toma esta cajita de oro
Mira lo que lleva dentro
Lleva amores, lleva celos
Y un poco de sentimiento

You con esta me despido
Con el alma entristecida
Ya te canté los dolores
Y las penas de mi vida

English Translation
Little bird, little bird
Little bird of the hills
What lovely eyes you have
Too bad they belong to another.

What little bird is that?
That sings in the lime tree
Tell her not to sing
And break my heart

What little bird is that?
That sings in the fig tree
Tell her not to sing
Just wait until I am dead

Take this little golden key
Open my heart and you will see
How much I love you
And how badly you treat me

Take this little golden box
Look what is inside
It has love and jealousy
And a bit of sentiment

With this I take my leave
With my saddened soul
Now I have sung you my sorrows
And the pains of my life

C standard