Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss

Everyone dances in the country

Pretty Little Miss, aka Pretty Little Pink, is one of the standard country dance songs that's been around as long as anyone can remember. Every old southern banjo player plays and everyone dances. So please dance.

I play this in an open C tuning. Everyone else plays G mostly but I find the C tuning the most melodious.


Fly around, my pretty little miss.
Fly around, my daisy.
Fly around, my pretty little miss.
You almost drive me crazy.

The higher up the cherry tree,
The riper grows the cherries.
The more you hug and kiss the girls,
The sooner they will marry.

Coffee grows on white oak tree.
The river flows with brandy.
If I had my pretty little miss,
I'd feed her sugar candy.

Fly around . . .

Going to get some weevily wheat.
I'm going to get some barley.
Going to get some weevily wheat
And take a cake to Charlie.

Eighteen pound of meat a week
Whiskey in the still
How can a young man stay at home
When the girls all look so well

Fare you well my pretty little miss
Fare you well my honey
If I'm not there by the middle of the week
You can look for me on Sunday

Fly around . . .