Song List

Title Description
A Lusty Young Smith A brittish ballad for adults only
A Short Life of Trouble A sad old time country song
Adieu False Heart A bitter-sweet love song from Fiddlin' Arthur Smith
Ain't We Crazy The title says it all.
All the Hard Times of Old England Post war hardships in England
Anjelik o! Another Haitian folk song
Backwater Blues - 1 Uncle Dave's flood song
Backwater Blues - 2 A flood song
Barney Missing my sailor lad.
Beans, Bacon and Gravy An industrial ballad from Pete Seeger
Betty and Dupree A song of love and armed robbery.
Bill Cheatham and His Dog I put lyrics to this old fiddle tune.
Bill Mason An almost-train-wreck song
Bill Morgan and his Gal An old time string band tune from Charlie Poole
Billy Barlow A hunting song for kids
Billy Grimes the Drover A song of two great human emotions - love and greed
Blackjack Davy A famous ballad aka Gypsy Davy
Bluey Brink An Austrian drinking song
Bright Sunny South A civil war song from Doc Boggs
Buckey Jim Here is a lullaby from the Southern Appalachians