Song List

Title Description
Home Dearie Home A song of seas and sweeties
Hop Up Ladies A mountain dance tune
Hopalong Peter An old time banjo song
I Come and Stand by Every Door In memory of Hiroshima, by Turkish poet Nazim Hikmet and Pete Seeger
I Got Mine A gambling song
I Know Where I'm Going An old Scottish love song.
I Ride an Old Paint My favorite cowboy song
If I Lose my Money, Let Me Lose Another banjo blues
In Arkansas Strange ways and customs of Arkansas
Jackaro A song of love, seamanship and cross-dressing
Jay Gould's Daughter A railroad song.
Jenny Jenkins A children's song about fashion
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy A Carter family song about the newspaper business
John Hardy A bad man ballad
John Henry Story of the steel driving man
Johnny Booker A mule song
Johnson Boys A civil war song from the North and the South
Joshua Fought the Battle of Jerico A well known african american spiritual
Just a Little While to Stay Here A jazz band funeral march
Kicking Mule The definitive mule song