Song List

Title Description
Morning Blues A blues from the country
My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains A favorite mountain song
My Sweet Farm Girl A naughty banjo blues from Tom Ashley
No Es Culpa Mía A tejano song of heartbreak
Nottamun Town A strange nonsense tune from Jean Ritchie
NRA Blues A song about the New Deal
Oh Baby You Done Me Wrong A pastor goes astray
Oh My Little Darling A sweet and simple banjo song
Oh, Watch the Stars A finger picking treatment of a song from the Georgia Sea Islands
Omie Wise A famous North Carolina murder story
On IIKley Moor Baht'at Dalliance on the moor
One Misty Moisty Morning A jolly wedding song
Pajarillo Barranqueño An old Mexican love song
Paloma Azul How lovely the blue dove! A Mexican song.
Penny's Farm On the trials of share cropping
Philadelphia Lawer A song of love and vengence from Woody and Cisco
Poor Ellen Smith A North Carolina murder ballad
Poor Little Turtle Dove A mountain love song
Pretty Polly and False William A different telling of Pretty Polly
Pretty Saro A best loved mountain ballad