Song List

Title Description
Stawberry Roan A bronc ridin' story
Step by Step The anthem of the United Mine Workers Union
Streets of Glory A sacred song
Swannanoa Tunnel A mountain railroad song
Sweet Nora Lee A sweet old banjo blues
Swing and Turn, Jubilee A slightly updated version of a mountain play-party song
Texian Boys A warning to young ladies.When other good folk are all gone to bed, the devil is a workin' in the Texian's head.
The Butcher and the Chambermaid A warning to brisk and lively blades
The Cat Came Back The story of the indistructible kitty
The Chickens They are Crowing Courtin' song
The Coast of High Barbary A song of piracy and adventure on the seas
The Country Life The joy of a ramble in the new mown hay
The Devil and the Farmer's Cursed Wife A testiment to strong women
The Devil's Nine Questions Riddles wisely expounded
The Drovers Dream A sheep drover's night visitation
The Fox Famous exploits of the fox.
The Golden Willow Tree An American version of this famous English ballad
The Gray Goose A wild old mountain banjo song
The Gypsy Girl A ballad from Charlie Poole
The Hayseed A farmer-labor song