Song List

Title Description
The Horse with a Union Label Even the broncos support the union
The Keeper of the Eddystone Light A seafaring song from the English music hall
The Knot in the Devil's Tail A cowboy song of Satan
The Man that Wrote the Home Sweet Home New lyrics to a disreputable old song
The Millers Will The wages of greed
The Monkey and the Engineer Jesse Fuller sings of a speedy simian
The Old Bell Cow Moo
The Old Frog Complete non-sense
The Soldier and the Sailor An hour of prayer
The Soldier's Farewell A soldier goes to Pensacola and meets a sad end.
The Spanish Merchant's Daughter Just say no.
The Swapping Song A song of free wheeling commerce
The Wonderful Crocodile The true story of an amazing reptile.
The Wreck of Old Number Nine A sappy train wreck ballad
Thinking Tonight of my Blue Eyes A fine old love song from the Carter Family
Tighten on the Backband A song of plowing and country life
Trouble In Mind A slow eight bar blues that everyone knows.
Two Hobo Songs Hobo songs from Jimmy Rogers, Cisco Houston and Blind Boy Grunt
Utah Carroll A very sad and sentimental cowboy story
Wabash Cannonball Get on board!