Woody Knows Nothin'


This tender little folk song borrows a number of standard verses from other songs but it has a sweetness all its own. I hope you like it. Eric Darling recorded this version on his 'True Religion' album for Vanguard in 1961 and it showed up on thier folk sampler record where I heard it.

Eric, you may recall, was a highly regarded guitar and banjo player who performed with the Tarriers, the Weavers (after Pete Seeger) and the Roof Top Singers. I saw him in concert with the Weavers. He wasn't Pete Seeger but he was very good if you did not think of him as Pete's replacement.

Eric died in 2008 at the age of 74.


Woody knows nothin but pecking on the bow
Bow in the sky so blue
I never knew til I met you
What love, oh, love, could do, could do
What love oh love could do.

Oh don't you see yon little turtle dove
Flyin' from pine to pine,
Mournin' for his own true love
As I my dear for mine, for mine
As I my dear for mine.

Jay bird pulls a two-horse plow
Sparrow, why don't you
'Cuz my legs so little and long
They might get broke in two
They might get broke in two

Red bird sittin' on a sycamore limb
Singin' out his soul
Big black snake crawled up that tree
Swallowed that poor boy whole
Swallowed that poor boy whole

I'm but a poor little country boy
Money have I none
But there’s silver in the moon
Gold in the morning sun, oh sun
Gold in the morning sun

Wild geese fly a way up high
Soarin' in the blue
Sailing on the sea wind south
So why not me and you, my love
Why not me and you?

Woody knows nothin’ . . .