Bill Cheatham and His Dog


This is a well known old fiddle piece played in the slow motion style that fits my skill and temperment. If you really want to see Bill Cheatham done right try Doc and Merle Watson. Bill Cheatham has no lyrics. I made some up to help me remember the melody.


My old dog went rollin’ in the pig pen
She come in the house and stunk up the kitchen
Kicked her out but she just come back again
Lying round the livin’ room scratching out the fleas.

I’m sneezin’ and a wheezin’ from the hair in the air
She’s crappin’ in the corner and peein’ everwhere
She’s knocking down the baby and sleepin’ on the stair
I yell and I holler but the dog don’t care.

(Try singing this along with Doc and Merle)