No Es Culpa Mía

Lydia Mendoza and entourage. Chihuahua Mexico 1950

It has been said that the language of love can only be sung. And nobody understood this better than the great Mexican and Tejano singers like Lydia Mendoza.

Why is it that, like singing the blues, singing a good Mexican song about heartbreak makes me feel better?


Diosito santo, Diosito Bueno
¿Qué quieres que haga? Si yo la quiero
Sé que es pecado querer lo ajeno
Y sin quererla sé que me muero.

Si su cariño era de otro
¿Qué quieres que haga? Yo no sabía.
Yo no pensaba que me engañaba
Cuando juraba que me quería.

Diosito santo …

Por eso bebo, por eso lloro,
Aunque me digan que es cobardia;
Quiero ovidarla, pero no puedo
Diosito santo, no es culpa mía.

Translated roughly:

Sweet Lord, What shall I do if I love her.
I know it is a sin to love one who belongs to another,
And I know without her love I'll die.

If her love belongs to someone else, what should I do? I don't know.
I never imagined she was deceiving me when she swore she loved me.

That's why I drink, that's why I cry. Although they tell me it is weakness.
Sweet God, It's not my fault.