I Know Where I'm Going

Ronnie Gilbert sang this better than anyone.

This Scottish love song is so old nobody seems to know its origins. It has been performed more effectively by lots of people and is best sung in a female voice, but I can't resist an old favorite.


I know where I'm going,
And I know who's going with me.
I know who I love,
And my dear knows who I'll marry.

I have stockings of silk,
And shoes of bright green leather,
Combs to buckle my hair,
And a ring for every finger.

O' feather beds are soft,
And painted rooms are bonnie,
But I would give them all,
For my handsome winsome Johnny.

Some say that he's black,
But I say that he's bonnie,
Fairest of them all,
Is my handsome, winsome, Johnny.