Song List

Title Description
Kitty Waltz A lovely waltz from the Carter Family
La Cárcel de Cananéa A sad Mexican song of incarceration
Lady Gay A sad ballad from Buel Kazee
Lady Margaret A ghost ballad
Leatherwing Bat Love life of birds and other flying things
Leave her Johnny Leaving the ship
Leaving Home Charly Poole's unique version of Frankie and Johnny
Lewis Collins A fine old guitar finger picking piece from Mississippi John Hurt
Little Birdie An essential mountain banjo song with its own tuning.
Little Joe the Wrangler 'Little Joe the Wrangler' was written by Jack Thorpe in 1898
Little Sadie A mountain bad man song
Little Willie's My Darlin A nice variant of Down in the Valley
Long John Running away from the chain gang
Lord Bateman A love ballad
Lost Gander A quiet banjo instrumental
Luis Pulido A cowboy shoot-out in old Mexico
Make me a Pallet on Your Floor A famous old blues/ragtime piece
Meet Me in Rose Time Rosie A wild old time among the roses. From Hobart Smith
Mister Rabbit An old children's song from the American South
Mole in the Ground A mountain banjo song from Bascomb Lamar Lundsford