Song List

Title Description
Raccoon Songs Two children's songs learned from Peggy Seeger
Railroad Bill A bad man on the railway.
Ramblin Gambler A very Texas version of this song. From Alan Lomax.
Rattlesnake Mountain A really funny song from Jimmy Driftwood
Relax Your Mind Drive safe, relax - a song from Leadbelly
Riley and Spencer A drinking song of the South
Rise When the Rooster Crow A minstrel era song from Uncle Dave Macon
Rivers of Texas A Texas love song and geography lesson.
Rock About my Saro Jane A riverboat song from Uncle Dave Macon
Roll Down the Line Miners, prisoners, exploitation: this story has everything
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms An old time string band song
Round and Round An old time string band song from Dr. Bate and his Possum Hunters.
Sail Away Ladies A traditional dance song from Uncle Dave Macon
Sam Bass A songs about our famous local outlaw
Shoutin' in Jerusalem An old spiritual
Since I Laid my Burden Down A spiritual
Six Songs for Children A little collection of kid's songs. I'm especially fond of 'Little Black Bull'
Slumber my Darling A lullabye by Steven Foster
Sourwood Mountain A traditional banjo song from way back in the holler.
Statesboro Blues A blues from Blind Willie McTell