Trouble In Mind

Barbara Dane and
The Chambers Brothers

Here's a classic blues standard. 'Trouble in Mind' was written by Richard M. Jones and first recorded in 1924. Since then, anyone who sings blues has sung it. It is an irresistibly playable slow blues that invites you to noodle around to your heart's content and, if you are good enough, you audience's delight.

Some of my favorite renditions include: Chippy Hill, Big Bill Broonsy, Jerry Lee Lewis, Nina Simone and especially Barbara Dane of whom Louis Armstrong said, "Did you get that chick? She's a gasser!'


Trouble in mind, I'm blue
But I won't be blue always,
'Cause the sun's gonna shine
In my backdoor some day.

I'm all alone at midnight
And my lamp is burnin' low
Ain't never had so much
Trouble in my life before.

I'm gonna lay my weary head
On some cold old railroad iron
And let the two nineteen
Pacify my mind.

(Manse Libscomb’s verse)
I'm gonna lay my head
On some lonesome railroad track
That old train come along
I’m gonna yank by head right back.

Well it's trouble, oh trouble
Trouble on my worried mind,
When you see me laughin'
I'm laughin' just to keep from cryin'.

Goin' down to the river
Take along m’ol' rockin' chair
And if the blues don't leave me
I'll rock away from there.